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Jul 11

Back to School - FAQs


Edited: Jul 17

School Hours and Dress Code

Monday, August 5th – Friday, August 9th

Start Time: 7:15 AM

End Time: 12:40 PM

Dress Code: Summer School Shirt and Navy Bottoms


Monday, August 12th – Friday, August 16th

Start Time: 7:15 AM

End Time: 3:40 PM (Monday – Thursday), 2:40 PM (Friday)

Dress Code: Summer School Shirt and Navy Bottoms


Monday, August 19th – the Last Day of School

Start Time: 7:15 AM

End Time: 3:40 PM (Monday – Thursday), 2:40 PM (Friday)

Dress Code: School Polo and Navy Bottoms


FAQs by Parents and Families


Q1: What time does the before school start? How much is it?

Information regarding before and after school pricing and details can be found on the Vertical Thinking Team Cooperative (VTTC) website (https://www.verticalthinkingteam.org) or by contacting VTTC at 404-981-476.


Q2: What type of pants or shorts are the boys required to wear?

Both boy and girl scholars are required to wear navy uniform bottoms. Boys may way shorts or pants and girls may wear pants, shorts, skirts, and KSP dresses. All skirts and dresses must be work with biker shorts underneath. Scholars MAY NOT wear jeans, sweat pants, basketball shorts or bottoms with a print.


Q3: I noticed a $75 for a scholar activity fee? Is that for kindergarten as well?

The $75 Scholar Activity Fee is required for ALL scholars. This fee helps to found our field lessons and school events. For more information on the Scholar Activity Fee, please click here. To pay you fee, please click here.


Q4: Do you have a list of the after care provider who pick up on site at KIPP?

As you know, KIPP STRIVE Primary, DOES NOT have an after school program. We do have an onsite vendor, VTTC, that operates both our before and after school program. If you would like to sign up for VTTC, please visit them at https://www.verticalthinkingteam.org.


If you are unable to pick up from KSP or need extended care, the following organizations pick up from KSP.

  • KIDazzle - 674 Joseph E Lowery Blvd SW, Atlanta, 30310 | (404) 753-8884

  • Harland Boys and Girls Club - 434 Peeples St SW, Atlanta, 30310 | (470) 823-3465 | Click here for Registration Information.

  • Molly World Academy - 2143 MLK Jr Dr SW, Atlanta, 30310 | (404) 691-4601

  • Angel’s Paradise Higher Learning - 595 Joseph E Lowery Blvd SW, Atlanta, 30310 | (404) 755-8493

  • Andrew Young YMCA - 2220 Campbellton Rd SW, Atlanta, 30311 | (404) 523-9622


Scholars who are NOT enrolled in an after care program, MUST BE picked up by the end of dismissal (Mon - Thurs: 4:10 PM, Fri: 3:10 PM). If your scholar is not picked up by the end of dismissal, you will be charged a late fee of $1 per minute.

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